Business Practice

Our Dedication to Organizational and Supply Chain Excellence

From our origins onward, we continue to reimagine our contribution to meeting the world’s net-zero goals. By removing limits to our customers’ decarbonization goals. Uniting in our pursuit of operational excellence. Uplifting our people, and the partners and communities in which we work.

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CO2 Emissions Avoided Annually as of 2023 U.S. Operating Sites

Supporting Rigorous Ethics and Governance Policies

We are dedicated to promoting an ethical business culture and high standards of integrity. To do this, we maintain and train employees on our Origis Code of Ethics and Business Conduct policy.

Read our Origis Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Responsible Sourcing

Origis understands the supply chain risks currently affecting the solar industry and remains abreast of human rights issues surrounding certain solar panel providers in Asia.

In 2022, Origis continued to work with Clean Energy Associates (CEA) as well as STS and SolarQC to perform audits in its supply chain covering forced labor compliance and supply chain sourcing structure. All suppliers are required to go through a full audit before a purchase order is signed, and Origis’ contracts include language to avoid exposure to forced labor, in addition to containing the company’s supply chain code of conduct as a required exhibit to all contracts.

Origis has in place a supply chain code of conduct and has also signed a pledge led by the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) to comply with standards on forced labor prevention.

Read the SEIA Solar Industry Forced Labor Prevention Pledge


Corporate Governance

Our company governance is overseen by a Board of Directors, on which Antin occupies four out of five seats. Moreover, the company has implemented a business continuity plan, as well as an emergency response plan, covering, among other incidents, weather and natural disasters and cybersecurity.