Purpose-Built Solutions to Help C&Is Tackle Decarbonization Targets

Origis Energy is a proven leader in planning, developing and maintaining powerful decarbonization solutions to help C&I partners take on even the most aggressive and unique sustainability challenges. We partner over the long term with leading brands and utilities to create cost-effective, efficient and high-performance projects that deliver on renewable megawatt and molecule goals – on time and on budget.

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Origis is well positioned to deliver on Beyond the Megawatt clean energy initiatives, whether they are transmission, distribution or customer connected. Our solar, battery storage and clean hydrogen solutions are future-ready, designed to mitigate price fluctuations and supply chain uncertainties. We offer customers a wide range of flexible contract structures, including Power Purchase Agreements, Virtual Power Purchase Agreements and green-sleeved options - in regulated and deregulated markets.


Origis Energy Accelerates Decarbonization for Leading C&I Brands

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What Does Our Approach Look Like?

Through decades of experience with decarbonization projects, we’ve developed a comprehensive suite of capabilities that deliver value over the life of a project – from solution modeling through financing and development to industry-leading O&M services.

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