More Than Just Neighbors

At Origis Energy, we approach each project as a neighbor in the community where it’s located. We want to meet our neighbors, hear about their lives and their concerns, and do what we can to make a positive impact in the community. That means transparency, two-way communication, frequent updates and real concern for the economic and environmental wellbeing of our neighbors as well as for future generations.

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Supporting Local Economies

Our projects have a wide-ranging positive economic impact on the communities where they’re located. Not only do they provide lower-cost renewable energy for the surrounding area and create good-paying construction and operational jobs, there are also significant tax contributions and investments in philanthropic initiatives that benefit the surrounding community.

Origis deploys a customized Community Benefits Package for each project based on its Community Profile and Outreach & Communication results. Complimentary to our Origis philanthropic efforts, we seek to support active community fundraising drives, existing charitable organizations in which neighbors participate, emergency response support and/or training efforts, refurbishment of community centers, parks and playgrounds, and other support recipients. We refrain from publicizing community benefits until the project reaches Commercial Operation.

It’s all part of our core value to rise together with the communities we serve.

Community Engagement

Since inception in 2008, Origis continued to maintain a robust approach to community engagement. The company’s approach to community engagement contains different actions for each phase of a project, including community assessments conducted pre-PPA, comprehensive community engagement plans for each utility-scale project tailored to the needs of the surrounding community, and dedicated communications roadmaps.

For example, in 2022, our team amicably resolved a community complaint experienced in 2021 against a proposed solar farm development in Alachua County, Florida. Addressing concerns from adjoining property owners and the town of Archer’s historic African-American community, we moved the project to a new location in Alachua County that will be both respectful of local history and suitable for the present needs of the community.

Giving Back

The Origis Philanthropic Initiative demonstrates our long-term commitment to the communities our projects call home. We work hard to tailor this giving to the unique needs of each region, whether it be youth programs, supporting underserved populations or serving veterans in need.

We work closely with community leaders to identify opportunities to make a difference in supporting our neighbors as they pursue a brighter and more prosperous future.

Economic Benefits

Every Origis solar and storage project provides economic benefits for the 35 year life of the project. Origis uses third-party SMEs to discuss, vet and ensure the economic benefit figures have rigor.

Economic benefits begin in the very early stages of the project. Project typical economic benefits include: Tax Revenue, Local Economic Benefits During Construction, Local Economic Benefits During Operations and Origis charitable giving.


Origis provides a wide range of educational resources to communities in which our utility scale projects are located. The menu of options provided are worked out with the key offtake stakeholders. Below is a list of common options for community solar project education.

Onsite Physical Components: Signage can be created on site for our projects. Designed with residents in the mind, we recommend onsite signage and an informational kiosk in an area relevant to energy and where residents will have a context for it.

Community Engagement and Educational Support: Depending on the project objectives, Origis can incorporate educational enhancements into the facility construction to support educational and community tours.

Project Tour Support: Origis Energy has encouraged and supported community group tours of its large scale solar and storage projects and is happy to work with client’s sustainability and communication teams to determine what community groups it would like to host and the program for such tours.

Long-Term Workforce Development

As with the other aspects of our business, we view workforce development as a long-term commitment to the skilled workers in the areas where our efforts are being undertaken. We focus on helping workers build careers not just providing them with jobs. We demonstrate this commitment with career training, educational support and industry-leading benefits.

Over the years we’ve created thousands of good-paying, dependable jobs in communities across the U.S. But our commitment goes beyond numbers. We believe that caring for our workforce translates to our technicians ensuring our facilities truly deliver for the communities they serve.

Health & Safety

Employee Health & Safety Initiatives

Our safety team experts have developed an industry specific environmental, health, and safety (EHS) program incorporating a holistic approach. The program starts with safety orientations for new employee and newly hired project site personnel and is reinforced with weekly Safety Moments, hazard risk assessments, safety incentive programs, emergency response drills and regular safety compliance audits.

Employees are assigned regular industry specific technical and safety training within our in-house Solar University.

Contractor Health & Safety Initiatives

Origis maintains an EHS manual which is also applicable to contractors. Our team believes in transparency when it comes to safety. We proudly share general safety and project-related safety trends with customers and asset managers.

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