Economic Benefits

Helping Communities Prosper

There are many ways an Origis renewable energy project creates near-term and long-lasting economic benefits in the community where it is located. At Origis we work hard to ensure those benefits are as positive as possible. The ways in which projects provide economic benefits are many, and include state and local taxes, during and post construction spending, land and lease payments, local jobs through our technician workforce and philanthropic giving.

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Supporting Local Economies

Our projects have wide-ranging positive economic impacts on the communities where they’re located. Not only do they provide lower-cost renewable energy and create good-paying construction and operational jobs, there are also significant tax contributions and investments in philanthropic initiatives that benefit the communities in which our projects are located.

It’s all part of our core value to rise together with the communities we serve.

Setting Landowners Up for Reliable, Long-Term Income

Bring clean, sustainable energy and all its benefits to your family and community with land lease and purchase options with Origis. Close collaboration with communities and other stakeholders to new project development is a hallmark of our process. Our disciplined approach highlights biodiversity, environmental protection and the long-term preservation of the land ensuring our projects are good neighbors.

Long-Term Workforce Development

Nothing is more central to our success than understanding our customers’ needs and putting them first. Our field operations team is on the frontlines, as the day-to-day face of each and every one of our clean energy projects.

Building a carbon-free future begins with the highly skilled people on the ground, helping to build solar and energy storage projects and then keeping them well-maintained and running smoothly.

Giving Back

At Origis Energy, we are committed to making a far-reaching and lasting positive impact in the communities whose grid or industry we’re helping to decarbonize. We listen to community leaders so our philanthropic program can make a real difference in the lives of area residents over decades – whether it be underserved groups, local volunteer organizations, children and veterans, or tomorrow’s science and math innovators.