Corporate Governance

Origis’ governance is overseen by a Board of Directors, on which Antin occupies four out of five seats. In Q2 2022 Antin appointed a non-executive Board member.

Moreover, the company has implemented a business continuity plan, as well as an emergency response plan, covering, among other incidents, weather and natural disasters and cybersecurity.

Responsible Sourcing

Origis well understands the supply chain risks currently affecting the solar industry and remains abreast of human rights issues surrounding certain solar panel providers in Asia. As such, the company has anticipated need for coming years by securing panels through a procurement deal with U.S.-based provider, First Solar, which produces premium panels, and with which Origis plans to maintain a lasting and stable partnership. Origis has also been working with Clean Energy Associates (CEA) as an auditor to review the company’s manufacturing supply chain and ensure suppliers are compliant with internal policies and ESG commitments. The company will continue to work with a short list of vendors that go through strict supply chain procedures and that comply with Origis policies and commitments.

Furthermore, Origis has in place a supply chain code of conduct and has also signed a pledge led by the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) to comply with standards on forced labour prevention.