Economic Benefits

Every Origis solar and storage project provides economic benefits for the 35 year life of the project. Origis uses third-party SMEs to discuss, vet and ensure the economic benefit figures have rigor.

Economic benefits begin in the very early stages of the project. Project typical economic benefits include:

  • Tax Revenue
  • Local Economic Benefits During Construction
  • Local Economic Benefits During Operations
  • Origis Energy Foundation & Community Benefits
Origis Energy Foundation

The Origis Foundation philanthropic program was started in 2016 to serve underprivileged and disadvantaged young talent and veterans. In 2021 alone the company granted over $160,000 in community grants in locations where our projects exist.

We work with project stakeholders to understand what is important to people locally and explore how Origis may create a long-term positive contribution to every community we work with.

Origis deploys a customized Community Benefits Package for each project based on its Community Profile and Outreach & Communication results. Targeted investments in active community goals is common in most every development. Complimentary to our Origis Foundation efforts, we seek to support active community fundraising drives, existing 501(c) organizations in which neighbors participate, emergency response support and/or training efforts, refurbishment of community centers, parks and playgrounds, and other support recipients. We refrain from publicizing community benefits until the project reaches Commercial Operation.

Origis Energy contributes $25,000 grant to Healing4Heroes, supporting wounded military personnel and veterans