For full article see Infrastructure Journal, November 22, 2012

A company considering a US dollar investment should consider the US tax implications of the structure of its investment. A careful plan today can avoid a costly headache tomorrow.

Recent events in Southern Europe have prompted European companies to seek a haven in US dollar investments. The U.S. attracted $28.7 billion in foreign direct investment between January and March, the 12th consecutive quarter of positive flows. The US renewable energy market has benefited from this inflow of foreign capital.

Developers, such as Origis Energy, an investment fund focused on the development, acquisition, financing and operation of large-scale solar PV plants across Europe, are expanding into the United States because their investors are seeking US dollar investments. Furthermore, Guy Vanderhaegen, Managing Partner at Origis Energy, believes the US market provides a good balance between the risk profile of the projects and the returns that can be realized and that the US market will be a sustainable market going forward and not a growth and bust market as seen in Spain and other parts of Europe.