ERCOT Market Summit 2024

Origis Energy Services is proud to sponsor Infocast's ERCOT Market Summit from February 13 - 15, 2023 in Austin, TX. Michael Eyman, Managing Director of Origis Services will be participating on the panel, Solar & Wind Developers' Perspectives.

December 13, 2023

Origis Energy Services is proud to sponsor Infocast’s ERCOT Market Summit from February 13 – 15, 2023 in Austin, TX. Michael Eyman, Managing Director of Origis Services will be participating on the panel, Solar & Wind Developers’ Perspectives.

ERCOT Market Summit will provide an unparalleled deep dive into impending changes, and provide serious insights into the directions they will drive the market. A stellar group of policymakers together with utility, solar, wind, IPP, finance, and trading executives will explore the tumultuous future of this massive power market, and examine the impacts on resource adequacy, power prices, project siting and bankability, and how to best meet the shifting needs of commercial, industrial, and retail customers.


Panel Discussion: Solar & Wind Developers’ Perspectives

Policy changes and the permitting environment are radically changing the development game in ERCOT. Local pushback on renewables in some areas is limiting siting options, while price curves have to some degree moderated as the cost of natural gas declined after the initial worldwide impacts of Ukraine. Combatting this, the various IRA incentives are increasing the financial viability of many projects. Supply chain issues have to some degree abated, but lead times for things like GSUs and breakers have increased to 2-3 years from tier 1 domestic and international OEMs.

  • This panel will address how these market forces are changing development, and how new projects are getting done.
  • How is the load growth from the entrance of data centers, new manufacturing and the influx of residential customers affecting the renewable energy market?
  • Are prices, inflation and supply chain issues affecting corporate demand for renewables?
  • How are inflation and policy risks affecting the structure of offtake agreements?
  • What impacts is tax equity transferability having?
  • How is the solar PTC having unintended consequences on the operation of assets in ERCOT?
  • Why has insurance become the vital link in financing projects, and will insurance costs reach a level that affects project viability?

Panel Date & Time:
Thursday, February 15th from 10:30-11:15 am

Jenn Goodwillie, Head of Development, NOVA CLEAN ENERGY 

Helen Brauner, Senior Vice President, Business Development, LIGHTSOURCE BP
Michael Eyman, Managing Director, Services, ORIGIS ENERGY SERVICES
Keaton Horner, Director, ORENNIA
Sean Yovan, Vice President, Power Marketing & Origination, QCELLS USA

event information
ERCOT Market Summit 2024

February 13 - 15, 2024

Austin Marriott Downtown | Austin, TX

Key Contact

Michael Eyman

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about the speaker

Michael Eyman

Managing Director, Origis Energy Services

Michael Eyman leverages over 25 years of leadership, operations, and business experience in his role as Managing Director, Origis Services. Under his leadership, Origis Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Origis, manages a growing portfolio of utility scale and distributed generation solar and storage assets across the United States. Michael’s experience includes leadership roles with Origis Energy, Renu Robotics, MaxGen Energy, SunPower Corp, and the U.S. Navy.

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