Technology Zone at Origis Services’ ROC Interactive Site Visit

Origis Services is opening the doors of its NERC CIP–registered Remote Operations Center (ROC) to show off the technology stack that makes us one of the country's leading asset management companies.

October 11, 2022

Technology Zone at Origis Services’ ROC Interactive Site Visit

Attendees of the first-ever Solarplaza Summit Asset Management Texas conference are in for a special treat. On October 24th, 2022 one day before the main conference, Origis Services is opening the doors of its NERC CIP–registered Remote Operations Center (ROC) to show off the technology stack that makes us one of the country’s leading asset management companies. This technology extends far beyond the ROC walls so we’ll also be hosting a Technology Zone to showcase leading AI, data science, and robotic technology partners that are saving time, creating efficiencies, and cutting CO2 emissions.


Drones & Analytics by SenseHawk

Since its founding in 2018, SenseHawk has helped more than 100 customers across 20 countries more efficiently operate large-scale sites and assets. Built specifically for solar, the SenseHawk Solar Digitization Platform (SDP) offers powerful features for every stage of asset lifecycle. Built around an intelligent system model, the SenseHawk SDP generates actionable insights into site planning; layers inputs from SRTM, ALTA, and other surveys; leverages native GIS capabilities; organizes asset data for quick retrieval and advanced analytics; and integrates with existing CMMS through APIs. Joining us is CEO & Co-Founder Swarup Mavanoor to demonstrate how SenseHawk streamlines workflows, digitizes documentation, identifies hotspots and defects, and tracks performance over time.
Michael Eyman image     Swarup Mavanoor, CEO & Co-Founder, SenseHawk


Vegetation Management & Robotics by Renu Robotics

How would you like to save 30-50% in vegetation management costs? Renu Robotics helps its customers save that much on average by using AI, machine learning, and robotics to automate mowing, eliminate accidents, and reduce carbon emissions. The all-electric Renubot and Recharge Pod features wireless communication, RTK positioning accuracy, rapid-charge lithium batteries, a streamlined mowing body, rugged weather protection, automated updates, and 24/7 live monitoring (through even cell phones and tablets). Chairman of the Board and Chief Commercial Officer Mike Kienitz will be onsite to demonstrate the amazing capabilities of the Renubot and share how the company is redefining vegetative management.
Michael Eyman image     Mike Kienitz, Chairman of the Board and Chief Commercial Officer


Module Cleaning & Robotics by SolarCleano

Committed to innovative robotic solar panel cleaning solutions, SolarCleano has expanded its services to 53 countries in just a few years. Their robots cleaned 27 GW of solar assets in 2021 alone. With capabilities in both wet- and dry-cleaning practices, their popular robot models can fit any site requirements: the F1 remote-controlled robot boasts the highest cleaning capacity in the industry; the ultra-lightweight M1 perfectly serves smaller solar installations; the B1 bridge makes utility-scale cleaning robust and fast; and the T1 robot transporter saves time and money during each session. Joining us will be CEO Christophe Timmermans and Head of Global Business Development Stefan Throm, who are traveling from Luxembourg to join the Technology Zone and to share how automation, data analysis, and artificial intelligence are powering their game-changing cleaning services.
Michael Eyman image     Stefan Throm, Head of Global Business Development
Michael Eyman image     Christophe Timmermans, Chief Executive Officer

Soiling & Analytics by Fracsun

Using the patented ARES soiling management system, Fracsun provides unparalleled soiling data from origination to operation. The locally placed ARES Soiling Station can be installed anywhere in an array field in less than an hour and features calibrated c-Si reference cells, self-sufficient power and cellular communication, and cloud-based analytics that predict optimal cleaning schedules. With the largest soiling dataset in the county, Fracsun can even help analysts better predict and model soiling loss across an asset’s life. Featuring CEO Catlin Mattheis and COO Bryan Fisher, the Origis Services Technology Zone will be a great opportunity to learn more about the often-misunderstood impact of soiling on system performance.
Michael Eyman image     Catlin Mattheis, Chief Executive Officer
Michael Eyman image     Bryan Fisher, Chief Operating Officer


Experience the Future Firsthand

Don’t miss this rare chance to see the next generation of solar management capabilities. Ready to attend? Reserve your ticket to the Solarplaza Summit Asset Management Texas conference and then plan your trip one day ahead to take advantage of the Interactive ROC Site Visit and Technology Zone, hosted by Origis Services and featuring Managing Director Michael Eyman.
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