For full article see The Telegraph, July 8, 2012

A new solar array in Upson County has just begun producing energy for the Georgia Power grid, making it the company’s first large-scale solar investment.

But more are on the way. Two solar development companies are building three more large arrays that will sell Georgia Power 50 megawatts of solar electricity by 2015.

This would nearly quadruple the amount of solar power generated in Georgia. According to the Georgia Solar Energy Association, 18 megawatts of solar power are now being produced in the state.

Even so, 50 megawatts is a drop in the bucket compared to Georgia Power’s investment in conventional — and dirtier — power generation. Plant Scherer alone, a Monroe County coal-fired power plant owned mostly by Georgia Power, generates 3,272 megawatts of electricity, said Lynn Wallace, a Georgia Power spokeswoman.