As a municipal utility leader, you have a lot of interests to balance. Maintaining grid reliability, energy pricing and ratepayer economics, grid resiliency and community considerations all play a part in the balancing act you deliver every day.

In testimony earlier this year to the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, TVA President and CEO, Jeff Lyash laid out the balancing act and opportunities utilities face saying, “Establishing and maintaining the right balance between price, reliability, electrical generation CO2 reduction, and efficient electrification will help deliver a sustainable, economic advantage.”[1]

The local Generation Flexibility option provided by TVA gives you, municipal utilities in the Tennessee Valley, an opportunity to leverage the same factors in your local communities, for your stakeholders.

This balancing of the needs of ratepayers, host landowners, green power offtakers and the grid is no easy feat. There are lots of opportunities to get it wrong and challenges abound. You know the list well. These are just a few: confused landowners being approached to host solar projects, community advocates feeling left out of the conversation, ratepayers concerned with utility bill increases and local businesses looking for more renewables.

We’d like to offer some help. Solar and energy storage projects developed by Origis Energy contribute to TVA’s continued push to grow clean energy in its seven-state service territory. Our Origis team can now assist you on the municipal level.

Through a bilateral arrangement, Origis Energy can help you identify the best site for your local solar project, the correct clean energy project scope and technology mix, the interconnection pros and cons, and execute on a community communications plan to evoke support.

With over 170 solar projects to date, we can help you get the balance right.

Talk with our distributed energy experts.