Origis Philanthropic Initiative

Giving Back

At Origis Energy, we are committed to making a far-reaching and lasting positive impact in the communities whose grid or industry we’re helping to decarbonize. We listen to community leaders so our philanthropic program can make a real difference in the lives of area residents over decades – whether it be underserved groups, local volunteer organizations, children and veterans, or tomorrow’s science and math innovators.

Charitable Donations
More than
Project Funding Deployed
2M mts
CO2 Emissions Avoided Annually as of 2023 U.S. Operating Sites

Investing in Positive Impact

We recognize there is a lot at stake when we begin a clean energy project – and we want to be the best neighbor we can be.

Empowering Communities

We work to remove barriers to ensure the people on our team and those we work with rise together. That is why our charitable giving program seeks input from customers and local leaders to identify opportunities to create positive impacts in the communities in which we build.

Recognizing Heroes

We take a great deal of inspiration from the selfless commitment of neighbors who have served in the Armed Forces. We grow in stature as a community when we address the unique needs of our men and women in uniform who have given so much.

Supporting STEM Education

One of our most important core values is to ‘solve for tomorrow.’ To fuel the next generation of change-makers in science and math, we support education and STEM curriculum by creating scholarships and funding programs to expand science and math curricula.

Origis Philanthropic Initiative

Working with local stakeholders allows the Origis Energy team to create philanthropic programs suited to the needs of the communities in which our projects are located.

Obion County, TN
Covington County, AL
Mitchell  County, GA
Orange County, FL
La Paz County, AZ
Twiggs County, GA
Lamar County, MS
Various County, OR