Origis Energy Provides DG Solutions to these Customers

Clean energy assets for faster installations and COD certainty.

Distributed Generation

Origis Energy now offers a robust program for Behind the Meter (BTM) and distribution line connected, Front of the Meter (FTM) solar and energy storage systems. We provide customized solutions from development, financing, engineering, construction, and long-term operations.

Clean energy assets from 2 MW to 40 MW, connected to lower voltage distribution lines, are a pathway for achieving your RPS and decarbonization goals with a high certainty of projects being installed in the next 2-3 years or less.

The Origis DG team leverages the company’s financial strength and experience, equipment procurement advantages and institutional support, to provide turnkey solutions to utilities, co-ops, municipal utilities, local power companies and corporate customers.

The advantages of distribution line connected solar and storage assets include the speed in which the projects can be deployed and the resiliency they add to your system:

  • Avoid Interconnection queues and delays.
  • Distribution-connected generation with battery energy storage system (BESS) adds resilience to the grid.
  • Solar generation and energy storage on distribution circuits can provide services like a microgrid.
  • Spread across the service territory, FTM DG can minimize disruptions from outages on the transmission system.
  • Distribution infrastructure is easier to fix than transmission.
  • Distribution-connected solar generation and energy storage is closer to load.
  • Fewer megawatts will be lost during outages on the transmission system.
  • Smaller scale projects do not have the impact on local housing and hospitality as large-scale installations.

Community Engagement

Origis works closely with the economic development stakeholders, environment groups, utility oversight boards and community members to ensure projects have a strong communication strategy and opportunities for stakeholders to be involved. There are many examples of this type of engagement via individual solar and energy storage projects here.

Recent DG Projects