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Origis Energy Serves these Municipal Utilities

The benefits of solar power, energy storage and combined solar plus storage systems are feasible now for city and public sector leaders to fulfill energy budget needs and sustainability goals.

Fulfill your solar aspirations with confidence.

By listening deeply to the needs of city, government and school leaders and building a sophisticated system to deliver solar projects worldwide, our team has successfully created solar facilities and power purchase agreements that work for large energy users and new solar pioneers.

Fulfill your solar aspirations with confidence
Our team has worked with public sector organizations whose energy needs vary widely and location considerations and community objectives are all unique. We’ve learned the right solar solution is one tailored for you. Thus we create innovative custom clean energy solutions.

Over the course of over 170 projects we’ve become highly skilled at every stage of solar project development, financing, construction, operation and management. Our granular and systematic approach means every project undergoes rigorous examination and yields optimal energy and profit performance. Even in a rapidly changing solar industry landscape that is different in every region, our team is able to develop, construct and maintain high performing solar and clean energy solutions for a wide variety of clients.

Solar that meets the needs of your organization. Our public sector solar credentials include:

  • Small, medium and large project expertise
  • Over 4 GW of solar in Europe, the United States and now Latin America.
  • Project financing or other sophisticated financing solutions
  • Expert in off taker / PPA structures
  • We are fiercely committed to and have built a specialty around empowering public sector leaders to go solar who have not done so before.

Services Tailored to the Government Leaders

Development – Services to develop solar facilities that meet your energy generation goals and the customers you are serving

Finance and PPA Structuring – Sophisticated services and world class investment relationships to build large-scale solar facilities and structure competitive power purchase agreements

Engineering, Procurement and Construction – Solar construction experienced team, who have engineered and interconnected over 170 solar sites to date.

Operations, Maintenance and Asset Management – Integrated suite of solar PV monitoring, operations and management expertise, technical assistance and cloud-