Origis Energy Serves these U.S. Utility and Large Scale Corporate Customers

Utility leaders work with Origis Energy to develop cost effective, community friendly and environmentally supportive solar power, energy storage, and solar plus storage systems.

The clean solar power you need, where you need it, when you need, at the right price.

Realize your place in the solar revolution
Our team has worked with utilities of all types and varying sizes whose energy needs, location considerations and ratepayer objectives are all unique.  We’ve learned to listen deeply to your objectives and those of your community to shape clean power projects tailored specifically for you.

Over the course of 170 utility projects we’ve become highly skilled at every stage of solar project development, financing, construction, operation and management. Our granular and systematic approach means every project undergoes rigorous examination and yields optimal energy and profit performance. Even in a rapidly changing solar industry landscape that is different in every region, our team is able to develop, construct and maintain high performing solar and clean energy solutions for a wide variety of utility clients.

The clean solar power you need, where you need it, when you need, at the right price. Our utility scale solar credentials include:

  • 74 utility solar PV projects including those currently moving to construction
  • Large projects (+20 MW)
  • Over 4 GW of solar in Europe, Latin America and the United States.
  • Project financing or other sophisticated financing solutions
  • Expert in off taker / PPA structures
  • We are fiercely committed to and have built a specialty around empowering utility leaders to go solar who have not done so before.

Origis Energy USA empowers your utility to leverage current historically low costs and short deployment schedules to develop utility scale solar plus storage systems.

Solar Plus Storage Systems Deliver Competitive Strengths to Your Grid

The development of utility scale solar requires a sophisticated combination of skills, expertise and market partner alliances. Since 2008, Origis Energy has developed a vertically integrated solar execution model proven in over 150 large scale projects with a total capital cost of over $2 billion.

Now we have assembled a top-notch storage team to help you utilize this promising technology, a team with 30 MWs of storage experience.

Origis Energy has successfully helped utilities be the first in their regions to utilize clean energy technologies for their rate payers.  You can depend on our “First Mover” track record to help you deploy solar plus storage systems with confidence.

Services Tailored to the Utility Executive

Development –  Services to develop large-scale solar facilities that meet your energy generation goals, protect your rate base and the customers that you’re serving

Finance Structuring, PPA/Energy Procurement – Sophisticated services and world class investment relationships to build large-scale solar facilities and structure competitive power purchase agreements

Engineering, Procurement and Construction – Solar construction experienced team, who have engineered and interconnected over 150 solar sites to date, including the construction of the second largest solar PV system in Southeast U.S. in only four months.

Operations, Maintenance and Asset Management – Integrated suite of solar PV monitoring, operations and management expertise, technical assistance and cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software reporting to monitor and maintain assets 24/7, 365.

Community Support – Communicating with your community and supporting their understanding of what is often a “first time” solar project is a key aspect of implementing a PV program.  When you add a solar resource you are helping to fulfill the consumer appetite arising for green power.  We’ve worked hard to support our utility partners in their community outreach, promotion and “ribbon cutting” events.  Our team is here every step of the way to ensure your experience with us and the performance of your project are all positive.

Recent Utility Projects

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