MS Solar 2&3

MS Solar 2 and 3 in Mississippi represent a combined capacity of 200 MW. This solar project is one of the largest solar plants east of the Mississippi River. The project is in rural southeast U.S. and is an example of how solar investments beneficially impact local communities in the country.

Origis Energy is one of America’s top ten solar and energy storage developers.

Before the clean energy transition became a global paradigm shift, the Origis Energy team was paving the way by constructing profitable solar sites across Europe.

Now headquartered in Miami, FL, the company continues to transform vision into reality with solar and energy storage solutions, providing clean and cost effective energy for customers coast to coast.

Origis contributes workforce gains in the communities in which its offices are located. Projects uplift communities where they are located with tax incentives, economic and workforce contributions and philanthropic grants.



Company Launch and Initial Operations
  • Founded by Guy Vanderhaegen and European based start up investors.
  • Identified and capitalized on emerging market opportunities in Italy and Greece while the majority of the market was focused on Spain and Germany
  • Launched first two investment funds in May and September 2008, respectively
  • Began construction on first solar PV system


Rapid European Expansion