Project Description

110,000 kWp DC
80,000 kWp AC
Project Capacity
88,440 kgs
Average Carbon Emissions Saved Over Coal*
Homes Powered*

On November 14, 2022, in its announcement on 4 U.S. solar projects having reached settlement on violations against the Clean Water Act, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) affirmed solar farm owners should meet all compliance responsibilities during project construction.

Origis Energy fully agrees.  Our industry bears the responsibility to deliver on the promise of clean energy with integrity. The industry, including the customers of our industry, are working on multiple fronts to achieve this vision. It is unfortunate to see the need for such necessary action on the federal level.

The AL Solar A project, one of the 4 mentioned projects, was developed by Origis Energy.  After early-stage development and prior to the construction of the project, it was sold to the final project owner, hence the legal project entity, AL Solar A LLC, is not owned by Origis Energy.  Therefore, Origis Energy was correctly not named in the recent announcement by DOJ and the EPA.

Origis Energy, and those who work with us, take every measure, above and beyond, to ensure we follow local, state, and federal level compliance requirements.