Expertise and Infrastructure to Manage Your Clean Energy Assets

Origis Energy Services delivers a proven approach to Operations and Maintenance to deliver on the promise of clean energy. Our owner mentality aligns with your interests, safeguards against budget overages and works to deliver performance projections.

Why Origis Services?

Clear contract terms, integrity, and depth of knowledge are some of the reasons why Origis Services has been entrusted with one of the fastest growing U.S. utility-scale solar and energy storage portfolios in the industry.

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Full Scope O&M

Safety is Our Top Priority

Safety, accountability and transparency or SAT are the hallmarks of our operational strategy. From techs in the field to experts in the office, we are committed to safety as the top priority, accountability on all levels and two-way communication for constant improvement. Ask us about this program. We are happy to provide more information.

Advanced Remote Operations

Our industry-leading Remote Operations Center (ROC) supports 365, 24/7 continuous monitoring, in-house performance engineering, and proactive service. Engineered from the ground up to today’s service standards, the NERC CIP Compliant Origis facility is 10,000 square feet of technology prowess, capable of housing 70 personnel to support 500 field technicians.

Partner With Us to Control Costs and Fulfill Performance

Origis Services is one of America’s fastest growing solution providers. Our team is trusted by owners, managers and developers to control costs, reduce risk and optimize performance for solar farms and solar +energy storage projects across America. Our deep expertise, technology solution set and clear contract terms give clients peace of mind knowing they’ll get a strong return on their clean energy assets.

Become the On-Site Face of Origis Services

Field technicians are the heart and soul of our business. Our commitment to long-term partnership and customer-first service means we need highly skilled, passionate and dedicated field technicians to solve problems on the ground. To demonstrate how important field technicians are to our mission, we offer competitive pay and benefits, reliable long-term work and abundant opportunity for career growth.

Integrated Services for Every Asset Stage

Seasoned experience and integrated services deliver the highest returns at every stage of your project.

Delivering the Clean Energy Promise

The market needed a service provider that understands the whole project lifecycle and values a trustworthy, honest-to-goodness agreement. So, we created one.

Field Operations

We hire local and experienced technicians to ensure projects are well cared for, with a staff nearby for fast recovery time when needed.

Performance Driven by Data

We take a data-driven approach to optimizing asset performance, drawing on the capabilities of our Remote Operations Center and the expertise of our performance engineering team.

Industry Proven Expertise

The equipment is only as good as the staff in operation. So Origis employs industry veterans with decades of collective experience in renewable energy operations and asset management.

Environmental Management

We work closely with partners and the community to ensure assets exist in harmony with the biodiversity and environment around them.

Transparent Contract Terms

We take the mystery out of pricing with a clear scope of work, up-front terms and conditions, and full visibility on the budget and performance of your assets.

World-Class Data Monitoring

To ensure optimal performance, our state-of-the-art ROC facility supports 365, 24/7 continuous monitoring, in-house performance engineering, and proactive service

Operations & Maintenance

We deliver project value. Every new project into the Origis Services O&M portfolio benefits from decades of solar team experience and work on over 4 gigawatts of solar capacity. Our Services scope of work is industry best practice, configured to deliver swift onsite staff response with cloud-based monitoring and analysis, so that your asset is finely tuned and operating for optimal energy performance.

Full-Scope O&M

We deliver economies of scale in our full-scope solar and energy storage O&M solutions. Our team draws from experience covering every type of geographic terrain.

Proactive Maintenance

A strong financial asset controls maintenance costs and hits performance milestones with performance engineering, analytics & continuous improvement.

Emergency & Incident Management

While no two emergencies are the same, a flexible response plan can adapt to any source of adversity including extreme weather.

Equipment Service, Repair, Inventory & Warranty Enforcement

The best time to plan for service disruption is long before a disturbance occurs with parts, tooling & supplies.

Aerial Testing & Inspection

Advanced diagnostics help to quickly prioritize maintenance locations across expansive project sites.

Robust Reporting

Track performance and site service activities, NERC compliance, and additional reporting as directed by the project owner.

Rigorous Environmental Health & Safety Procedures

The health and safety of field personnel represents a project’s foremost asset.

Ancillary Services

Take control of portfolio variability. When ancillary services such as site security and vegetation management go underfunded, your risk goes up. Project costs can exceed their annual budgets by 30 percent or more.

Owner’s Representative

Rely on a trusted advisor for any stage of the project lifecycle from development and construction to operations.


Verify that systems meet quality standards, jurisdictional requirements, and owner’s expectations before commencing operations.

Retrofit & Repowering

Balance the cost of retrofits with the expected performance, to engineer the highest long-term investment return.


Analyze your project’s structural and electrical characteristics. Modify as needed to optimize performance.

Vegetation Management

Keep project sites in great shape. Explore innovative opportunities to keep costs down and improve service, such as with tractor attachments for clearing vegetation.

Module Cleaning

Let the data indicate when it’s time to wash modules based on how soiling will impact production.

Who We Serve

We partner with leading names in development and asset management


We work closely with asset owners to get more ROI from their solar, storage and other assets. Our commitment to full partnership includes transparent contract terms to help match any scope, and to provide long-term value.


Contract transparency helps foster collaboration with project managers and underscores our commitment to maximize the value of solar and storage assets.


Origis Services was launched in March 2019 to provide full-scope O&M for Origis’ rapidly expanding project pipeline and third-party solar and energy storage assets. We have a shared perspective and mutual goals. Our breadth of experience enables us to achieve and ensure optimal system performance.

Our Teams

All the pieces in place for profitable solar + storage


We maintain a diverse industry leading portfolio of utility-scale projects in all types of terrain, from coast to coast. This expertise positions us to deliver on your clean-energy goals.

Solar + Storage

O&M for large solar + storage assets is powered by top-notch remote operations, field operations, performance engineering and logistics. National training facilities ensure highly-skilled technicians work on your project throughout its full lifecycle. Comprehensive service agreements and transparent costs reflect the full annual scope of work—from preventive maintenance to corrective maintenance and ancillary services. National training facility to ensure that you’ll work with highly skilled technicians throughout the project lifecycle. Comprehensive service agreements and transparent costs reflect the full annual scope of work—from preventive maintenance to corrective maintenance and ancillary services.

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Origis Services manages one of the fastest growing utility-scale solar and energy storage portfolios in the United States. We offer a wide range of services to ensure your assets are managed in a cost effective, reliable, and transparent approach.
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