With over $2 billion in capital investments deployed, our financing services and acumen ensure solar and energy storage projects fulfill the financial objectives of investor, utility, business and public sector stakeholders.

Profit from the clean energy revolution with the experienced Origis Energy team.

We deliver high performing solar projects even in the most challenging market conditions
Our financial know how and sophisticated structuring capabilities has allowed us to develop, acquire and finance Commercial & Industrial (C&I) and utility scale projects even during the global financial meltdown and European sovereign debt crisis.

Exceptional relationships with more than 15 international financial institutions and tax equity investors through multiple deal executions solidify our ability to outpace competitor’s returns in the race to realize a solar powered future. Now Origis Energy has assembled a top-notch storage team to help you utilize energy storage benefits, a team with 30 MWs of storage experience.

Profit from the solar investment revolution with the experienced Origis team.  Our global solar financing track record includes:

  • Raised and deployed solar capital investments of over $2 billion
  • Closed financing with over 15 international financial institutions
  • Ongoing relationships with world-class financing counterparties supportive of our investment and financing programs.

Services typically involved with financing solar projects
The financial and energy generation structures we employ in our projects ensure all stakeholders prosper from them. The scope of work traditionally delivered during the development phase of a solar PV project include, but are not limited, to:

  • Project economics
  • Financial structuring
  • Tax & depreciation
  • Market incentive analysis
  • Financial modeling
  • Due diligence
  • Return analysis

Recent Financing Projects

Secure your investment in the clean energy revolution with the experienced Origis Energy team.
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