The 5th Annual Southeast Renewable Energy Summit, hosted by Infocast, is where the Southeast renewable energy community will gather virtually, November 17-19, 2020.

Johan Vanhee, Chief Commercial and Procurement Officer for Origis Energy will participate on the panel session 10 on Thursday, November 19, 2020.

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Panel discussion: Development Market Selection and Capital Allocation in the Southeast

Southeast renewable markets are increasingly becoming highly competitive and considerably lower prices are putting downward pressure on margins.  At the same time, the movement from a QF to RFP development landscape is raising the risk profile of projects.

In this environment, how project developers manage market selection decisions and capital considerations in their projects is critical.

This session will explore how renewable developers are responding to the challenge.

  • What is driving new market selection for project developers?
  • How are developers risk weighting their development capital investment decisions?
  • What role does capital availability play in development decision making?
  • How is the capital need and cost structure evolving in early to mid-stage project development?


  • Kathryn Arbeit, Vice President, US Project Development, FIRST SOLAR
  • Johan Vanhee, Chief Commercial and Procurement Officer, ORIGIS ENERGY
  • Katy Wilson, Senior Origination Manager, CONSOLIDATED EDISON DEVELOPMENT, INC
  • Eric Sieckmann, Vice President, Project Finance & Development, SOLAMERICA ENERGY