PANEL: Bringing the Solar Workforce to the Next Level

Origis Energy Services is proud to sponsor the Solarplaza Summit Asset Management North America 2024. Kimberly Tran, Director Key Accounts for Origis Energy Services will be participating on the panel, New Trends & Challenges in Development, during the summit.


PANEL: Bringing the Solar Workforce to the Next Level

During this discussion, we will spotlight the critical aspects of workforce development. Explore innovative strategies, training programs, effective case studies, and initiatives aimed at nurturing a skilled workforce to meet the demands of this rapidly growing sector.

Panel Date  
April 9, 2024

Efrem Bycer, Sustainability, Workforce Policy Partnerships, LinkedIn
Elizabeth Brennan, Chief Operating Officer, Luminace
Andreas Karelas, Executive Director, RE-VOLV
Annette Roberts Webb, M.Ed., Dean of Extension, University of California Merced
Kimberly Tran, Director Key Accounts, Origis Energy Services

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