Partnering With Top Suppliers for Purpose-Built Decarbonization

Our vision of a carbon-free future hinges on long-term partnerships – and none are more important than our relationships with suppliers whose technology is making renewable energy more cost-effective, efficient and reliable. We work to identify and partner with Tier 1 system component suppliers and EPC leaders, so we can dependably deliver on the unique needs of our customers, on time and on budget.

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We partner closely with the industry’s best suppliers, builders, experts and consultants over the life of each project, so we can take much of the uncertainty out of the supply chain, and quickly and reliably build and maintain decarbonization projects. United by the core values inherent in our DNA, we uphold strong business ethics and remove barriers to ensure the people on our team and those we work with rise together. Our suppliers and business partners are key stakeholders to our mutual success.


Origis Energy Partners With Industry-Leading Suppliers and Builders

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Responsible Sourcing

Origis understands the supply chain risks currently affecting the solar industry and remains abreast of human rights issues surrounding certain solar panel providers in Asia. As such, the company has anticipated need for coming years by securing panels through long-range procurement agreements with U.S.-based provider, First Solar, and other key PV and component suppliers who can deliver within the current market complexity.

Origis has been working with Clean Energy Associates (CEA) and STS as auditors to review the company’s manufacturing supply chain and ensure suppliers are compliant with internal policies and ESG commitments.

We will continue to work with a short list of vendors adherent to strict supply chain procedures and who comply with Origis policies and commitments. Furthermore, Origis has in place a supply chain code of conduct and has also signed a pledge led by the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) to comply with standards on forced labor prevention.

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