Zero Shortcuts

Origis has fulfilled sustainability related initiatives since our founding. At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to helping the world meet net-zero goals and ensuring communities and people rise together in the process. Over 15 years of renewable energy project development, we continue to contribute to CO2 avoided emissions. On social fronts we consistently make gains in workforce development, health & safety and team diversity. The governance of our organization includes long-standing business ethics policies and we continue to make strides with responsible sourcing.

Charitable Donations
Homes Powered Annually as of 2023 U.S. Operating Sites
2M mts
CO2 Emissions Avoided Annually as of 2023 U.S. Operating Sites

Recent Strides

Starting in 2021, the Origis team began working with majority shareholder, Antin Infrastructure Partners, to quantify reporting metrics and contribute to the Antin global sustainability report. Since 2021, we annually submit our metrics for inclusion within this report.

In 2023 Origis enhanced its internal Sustainability goals and team. Working with an external advisory team we conducted a materiality assessment as the foundation of our strategic roadmap for developing and maturing our approach to Sustainability. In conjunction with these Sustainability efforts, Origis is formalizing our Sustainability goals related to our operations.

Environmental Stewardship

Beginning with site selection itself, Origis takes note of potential impacts on specific local communities and the biodiversity of the location. We maintain various initiatives to mitigate the environmental risks associated with our business activities, including hiring environmental and engineering experts to study sites and carrying out environmental risk assessments for each project site.

Community Engagement

Our standards are high when it comes to serving the people and communities in which we work. Since our inception in 2008, we have been deeply committed to ensuring community stakeholders are engaged in local projects. This engagement has several phases including pre-PPA project development, post PPA announcement and permitting phase, construction and completion phases.

Workforce Development

United by the core values inherent in our DNA, we uphold strong business ethics and remove barriers to ensure the people on our team and those we work with rise together.

Business Practices

Origis maintains rigorous business ethics policies and initiatives, including a code of ethics and an anti-bribery and corruption policy.