Be the Face of Origis Energy in the Field

Our Carbon-Free Future Begins with You

Nothing is more central to our success than understanding our customers’ needs and putting them first. Our field operations team is on the frontlines, as the day-to-day face of each and every one of our clean energy projects.

Building a carbon-free future begins with the highly skilled people on the ground, helping to build solar and energy storage projects and then keeping them well-maintained and running smoothly. 

Safety is Our Top Priority

Team member health and safety (H&S) is a top priority at Origis. We maintain a robust occupational H&S management policy fully compliant with applicable federal, state, and local regulations, as well as a comprehensive H&S training program for all staff members. Our Health and Safety Policy is monitored and implemented by the Origis Director of Health & Safety and team.

Find out more about some of these crucial roles within the Origis team in the listings below.

Build Your Clean Energy Career

The Origis solar track record started in 2008 and includes long-term ownership and operation of projects in the U.S. We are developing projects to build and maintain for the life of the project, typically 25+ years. This means opportunities with us can span a career. Our approach to hiring, training, and retention depends on providing long-term opportunity.

Compensation and Benefits

Our experts work hard to provide a holistic compensation and benefits package. Origis provides comprehensive health coverage along with savings and retirement programs. Compensation plans are competitive with paid time off options built in. Family-friendly work hours are implemented as much as possible. We work hard to ensure you and your family's well-being is supported.

What We Look For

The local teams who support our solar and energy storage facilities are mission critical.

During construction our in-field personnel work with EPC partners to ensure the quality of the build meets our expectations. During long-term operation of renewable energy assets, our O&M teams keep the plants running smoothly. When evaluating job candidates, we look for a strong track record of operational performance and diversity in background and experience.

We also look for the ability to think under pressure, operating effectively, quickly, and safely in places that are often remote from higher decision-making authority.

Grow with Our Team

Our approach to hiring, training, and retention depends on providing long-term opportunity.

It’s our sincere hope that a person who starts with Origis operating a commercial lawnmower in the field, for example, can build a career with our team.

Ready to deliver the clean energy promise with Origis Energy? Join us!

Team Culture

Check out the core values that help us rise together.