Clean Hydrogen to Meet Your Decarbonization Goals

Origis Energy has established a robust clean hydrogen initiative to provide deep decarbonization solutions. We help power-intensive facilities, oil and gas companies, and industrial brands tackle net-zero initiatives and decarbonization goals over the long term through purpose-built solutions that generate value across the supply chain from greenfield development and technology optimization to long-term operations.

Why Origis Energy?

Origis Energy is a trusted name in clean energy, now employing an agile and well resourced team to deploy bespoke solutions for clean hydrogen. From small to very large scale clean hydrogen generation with renewable feedstock on any location of interest to our customers, we are here to move your deep decarbonization goals to fruition.

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Connecting Clean Hydrogen

How We Partner

Origis Clean Hydrogen projects leverage our expertise developing and sourcing the lowest cost renewable energy feedstock, optimized through our proprietary ‘OASIS’ platform, to deliver the most reliable and lowest cost clean hydrogen solution best matching customer needs. Driving the lowest cost can include a mix of behind-the-meter onsite, offsite, or virtually contracted renewables and a cost-reducing grid-flexible electrolyzer design. Origis can deliver clean hydrogen in liquid or gas form, distributed directly at a customer site, or via third party distribution and storage providers.

Advanced Remote Operations for Any Project, Anywhere

Our industry-leading Remote Operations Center (ROC) supports 365, 24/7 continuous monitoring, in-house performance engineering, and proactive service. ROC monitoring of our hydrogen fleet will generate the analytics needed to streamline operations and improve fault prediction models over time.

What Does Our Approach Look Like?

Success in the rapidly changing clean energy landscape requires a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach. All with the intent to ensure the interests of all stakeholders are upheld. Origis has developed highly experienced teams performing successfully through all project phases.


Clean Energy Project Model


Clean Energy Project Model

Help Drive Real Change Every Day

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Hydrogen – A Natural Extension

Origis is strategically positioned to compete in the upstream sector, leveraging renewable energy production and electrolysis to produce green hydrogen for industry. Our clean hydrogen solutions compliment foundational success in ​PV and BESS development, adding options for our customers who aim for deep decarbonization solutions in pursuit of carbon-free goals.

Total Scope Clean Hydrogen Solutions

Origis applies the expertise and a winning track record across the energy value chain to our hydrogen activities. From greenfield development, available renewables, secured land and water rights, electrolyzer capacity, construction, and long-term operations our team is moving clean hydrogen projects forward now.

Our Hydrogen Team

Origis has built a robust and deeply experienced hydrogen team. We have the engineers, PhD level technology experts, industry proven professionals, finance expertise and data scientists on staff to deliver fully scoped projects.

Tailored Solutions

Origis has the expertise to tailor optimal solutions to customer goals. With data modeling tools, in-house experts and the financial strength to fund development, Origis provides custom solutions with small to very large scale clean hydrogen production powered by renewable feedstock on any location of interest to our customers.

Financial Strength

The experienced Origis team has closed financings with over 15 highly regarded institutions, deploying $4 billion in capital to date. Working with our partner banks, we are structuring industry-leading bankable contracts.

Hydrogen Market Assessment

Origis maintains a comprehensive review and study of industry research to determine our quantitative view of the U.S. hydrogen and clean hydrogen forecast. This disciplined analytical approach guides development activities and informs customer proposed solutions.

Project Modeling and Pricing

We have the analytic modeling tools to optimally size each solution based on your production and reliability needs, engineered to meet your cost targets.

Disciplined Safety Record

We have built on our strong project safety record to understand the complexities of hydrogen delivery.

Powerful Backing and Operational Strength to Deliver on Clean Hydrogen

The Origis Hydrogen group is a nimble, deeply knowledgeable team focused on structuring bespoke decarbonization solutions for our customers. Empowered by the core Origis platform, we have the financial and execution discipline to deliver the hydrogen solutions we promise. Backing Origis is one of the world's largest and most forward-thinking infrastructure funding entities, Antin Infrastructure Partners. The importance of hydrogen to Antin is evident by their support as an investment group member of the Hydrogen Council.

Financial and Operational Strength

As a top-five solar and storage developer backed by a leading investor in the green hydrogen space, Origis has the deep commitment as well as the strategic and operational expertise to reliably deliver on the promise of clean hydrogen for its customers.

Powerful and Dependable Supply Chain

Alongside our solar and storage solutions, and with the strength of our hydrogen OEM and component vendor relationships, we’re perfectly poised to help customers leverage the decarbonization potential of clean hydrogen.

Reliable Cost Containment

Our solar and storage expertise enables us to source low-cost renewable energy feedstock through a proprietary platform. Innovative hydrogen modeling software powers industry-leading use case analysis, and technical and financial modeling that drive down costs and enable scalability.

Flexible Delivery

Origis can deliver clean hydrogen in liquid or gas form, distributed directly at your site, or via third party distribution and storage providers.

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