Managing Origis-Owned Renewable Energy Plants

Our Resources team manages a rapidly growing fleet of operating power projects serving customer clean energy and sustainability objectives. The team serves as owner, operator and Independent Power Producer (IPP) of Origis owned renewable energy facilities including solar, BESS and soon clean hydrogen plants from commencement of commercial operations through asset end of life or repowering. As an owner / operator our team relentlessly pursues optimal operational and financial performance, fully aligned with our customers and financial partners.

Why Origis Energy?

Origis Energy is a leading owner and operator of renewable solar generation and battery storage assets across North America. We manage a rapidly growing fleet of operating power projects serving our customers’ clean energy and sustainability needs.


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How We Partner

Our time-tested approach puts emphasis on long-term plant performance and strategic cost containment. Customers, investors and landowners alike can depend on Origis to manage solar and storage projects, delivering on the promise of cost-effective, future-focused decarbonization solutions, the needs of the community, a strong return on investment and positive results for the environment.

Advanced Remote Operations for Any Project, Anywhere

We work closely with our Origis Services team as the primary O&M provider to limit plant downtime. The Services' Remote Operations Center (ROC) supports 365, 24/7 continuous monitoring, in-house performance engineering, and proactive service. Engineered from the ground up to today’s service standards, the NERC CIP Compliant Origis facility is 10,000 square feet of technology prowess, capable of housing 70 personnel to support 500 field technicians.

What Does Our Approach Look Like?

Success in the rapidly changing clean energy landscape requires a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach. All with the intent to ensure the interests of all stakeholders are upheld. Origis has developed highly experienced teams performing successfully through all project phases.


Clean Energy Project Model


Clean Energy Project Model

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Find an exciting new opportunity at a nimble, fast-moving IPP dedicated to sustainability and earth-first impact.


Origis Resources is a leading owner and operator of renewable solar generation and battery storage assets across North America.

Delivering a Strong Return on Clean Energy Assets

Our Resources team leverages diverse expertise and decades of collective experience to actively manage solar and energy storage assets for the long-term. We are keenly focused on optimizing operational asset performance and delivering strong investor returns.

Asset Management

Our in-house technical, commercial, and financial management expertise focuses on delivering value and meeting stakeholder commitments for Origis owned assets.

Stakeholder Engagement

From those who lease the land for our projects to those who finance them, our team is responsive to inquiries and on top of contract obligations, and the commitments we make to investor returns.

Land Use & Management

Through every stage of development and operations we are mindful of our responsibility to reduce environmental impacts. As long-term stewards of land, we continue to seek creative ways to protect, preserve, and enhance natural habitat.

Regulatory Compliance

We take our NERC Reliability Standards and compliance activities seriously, working to fulfill our obligations for monitoring, registering, and certifying organizations that power North America with clean and cost-effective energy to decarbonize the grid.

O&M Provider Coordination

We work with our development, EPC, and operations & maintenance teams from the early stages of greenfield development through construction to ensure plants are designed and constructed to reliably perform for the long-term;

Continuous Improvement

Origis is actively pursues a higher bar of performance across the organization. Our Resources team monitors industry trends and lessons learned to explore ways to improve operational uptime and performance and leverage technology to drive O&M efficiencies.

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